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Join us on May 3rd for our Spring Time Bash as we rock the night away with Driving Force a southern NH favorite band. This year we will be rocking away at the Spear Post 3 Judson St Beverly, MA full parking in back of building enter thru Pond st

Ericas Walk for a Cure goes world wide.

We would like to send a special thank you to Jonathan Pronovost, SSgt, USAF
shown here holding a sign saying Ericas Walk for a Cure. Jonathan is currently deployed to Afghanistan. He is a combat medic and took time out to show his support for all of us and what we do.
Thank you so much for your support Jonathan and may you be safe always you will forever be part of us.
Here's a fact:
Mastocytosis can strike anybody at anytime. I wasn't born with this disease, I was 36 when I started getting ill and have Mast Cell issues. I was like many of you who think I am healthy, I have nothing to worry about. Then one day I woke up sick and my hell began. I know I make a lot of post about Mastocytosis and raising funds for research. I do it because it is my life, it is my illness and like you I want my health back. So what I am asking for is my friends, people reading this, to buy 2 less beers this week, a few less scratch tickets, eat out one less night and donate just $5.00 to give me and people like me who suffer everyday of our lives just a little hope, a little support. Fellow Masto patients I am asking you to for help as well. We are all in this together, we are doing this for you as well. Please donate and help us in our fight. I know you all care I truly do but I am asking you to show it.

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Introducing a significant new resource to help us learn more about all things Mast Cell and Mast Cell Diseases. Check it out at: http://meandmymastcells.com/
Be MastCellAWare.

Today's reality in medical research, A letter from Dr Hamilton

 A letter from Dr Hamilton Brigham and Womans Research


                                February 2013


                I wanted to add this post to Erica’s Walk for a Cure website to highlight the importance of donations from all of you in the name of scientific and medical research.  As you know, we have spent the last several years trying to characterize the symptoms, physical exam, and laboratory findings of those who suffer from mast cell disorders including mast cell activation syndrome. We are building a database of patients which includes clinical information as well as specimens which can be available for study.  We are moving to the next phase which includes the scientific study of what may cause mast cell activation and why people might get this disorder.  We believe that we have to learn more about mast cell activation before we can more readily diagnose and treat it. 

                Medical research can be very time and labor intensive.  People have to be paid salaries to do this work and the materials and supplies to carry out the research are expensive.  The majority of this work is happening at large academic, research medical centers such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Unfortunately, the Institution itself is not in a position to provide the necessary money towards this research in the form of salary or supplies.  Salaries are generated through clinical work (seeing patients in clinic or performing procedures) or through grants.  Traditionally, the medical research community has relied on government support (e.g. NIH) to make research financially possible.  With our current financial crisis in the government, funds have been stagnant for research and are at risk for further shrinking.  I have personally seen labs significantly downsize as the funds are simply not there to continue the work.  Therefore, it is even more critical in 2013 and future years to support medical research and discovery through private donations from people like you. 

                Financial gifts such as those to Erica’s Walk for the Cure go directly to the research and are not used for any other purpose.  You can be assured that your gift will have direct impact on discoveries that will ultimately improve the health of those who suffer from mast cell disorders.  I, on behalf of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and all who research mast cell disorders, truly appreciate your time and support which allows us to get the job done and search for a cure!!

-Matthew J. Hamilton M.D.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Mast Cell Center of Excellence


Stephanie's Story

This about a beautiful little girl Stephanie. People ask me why I do what I do. This is why I ask you all to walk beside me in November. Because there is hope, because there is a chance for these kids, because it is up to us to make it happen,
Mastocytosis can strike anyone, at any age, at anytime !

                              Click on Stephanies picture to see her story


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What is Mastocytosis and What are the Symptoms ?

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       What is Mastocytosis?                                                                      What are the Symptoms?


Very Special Thanks to our care givers and researchers for giving so much: For more info click on the doctor of interest

Dr Matthew  Hamilton                                                             Dr.Norton Greenberger                   


Dr Theoharis Theoharides                                                     Dr. Mariana C. Castells


              BRIGHAM AND WOMENs HOSPITAL                     75 FRANCIS st. BOSTON, MA. 02115 

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    To learn more about Brigham & Women's Hospital or to find a Doctor Just lick on the link provided below. __________________________________    

 Brigham & Women's Centers of Excellence


No one can understand what it is like to live with an incurable disease, except for the people living with it. Those with mastocytosis and other mast cell diseases live with life threatening and debilitating diseases everyday. Controlling their symptoms is very challenging. Very little is known about mastocytosis/mast cell diseases, and that is why I need your help to raise money to find a cure.

Ericas Walk for a Cure is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping patients, and health care professionals understand mast cell disorders. what they are and the impact they have on patients lives. The organization donations supports patients affected by mastocytosis/mast cell activation disorders, as well as their families, caregivers, and physicians, through research and education. Everyone involved in this organization volunteers their time because either they themselves have mastocytosis/mast cell disease or someone close to them does. With your help Ericas Walk for a Cure has raised over $44,000.00 towards research, education and assisted two families in need of medical assistance with Masto related treatment. So please continue to join us in or fight for a cure. 



Thomas Flynn

Founder /CEO

Ericas Walk for a Cure




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Ericas Walk for a Cure would like to thank Jet Blue for teaming up with us for the second year and making their generous donation of 2 round trip tickets to our fund raising efforts. This incrediable donation shows Jet Blues overwhelming support towards all patients suffering from Mastocytosis. Please click on the picture to visit the Jet Blue Web Page today.
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Very Special Thank You to Gregg the Morning Buzz

I want to thank Gregg and the Morning Buzz for their on going support to Ericas Walk for a Cure over the last three years. You guy's truely Rock !!!! Click here to visit WHEB



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